About VPNme

At VPNme, we're dedicated to providing the best VPN services. Our vision of a free Internet without restrictions is what drives our passion.

Formed by a group of tech-savvy individuals, VPNme's anonymous VPN services grew from our own need for a fast, secure way to enjoy the Internet without having to worry about eavesdropping, blocking and other irritation. We spent a lot of time building a great VPN and decided that it should be shared with others who need strong privacy.

Our first offering was very simple and consisted of an elegant solution using the open-source OpenVPN software. Since then, we've added many different protocols and features to support every operating system and device. Most of our development direction is guided by feedback from our customers.

Why a VPN?

Unfortunately, today's Internet is an increasingly hostile place for its users. Your information and identity are prized commodities.

From simple nuisances like country-based limitations and the meddling of providers and hotspot operators to state sponsored censorship, data theft, invasive tracking and extortionist litigation, there's no such thing as too much protection. A quality VPN is an elegant solution to most, if not all of these issues.

Why VPNme?

Professional privacy.

While our mission is to provide you with the best possible VPN experience, our focus is on user privacy. We feel that inherent anonymity is one of the things that makes the Internet great and see a troubling trend in service providers, governments and other companies trying to erode this basic right.

Unlike most VPN providers, we take your privacy seriously. As a United States company, we are not bound by any data retention requirements and do not keep any information about your data traffic or usage.

Awesome features.

VPNme is built from the ground up to provide a rock-solid, secure tunnel to the unfiltered Internet. We offer a plethora of protocols and never oversubscribe our capacity. Every VPN plan comes standard with a configurable built-in firewall, dynamic IP address translation, configurable privacy-enhanced HTTP proxying and more.

If you'd rather have a direct, raw connection to the Internet, no problem. Everything about your service is configurable at any time from our control panel or via the REST API. All of these features come without bandwidth or usage limits and, of course, unlimited IP address changes.

Serious anonymity.

Our VPN tunnels come set up for dynamic translation to thousands of different IP addresses. This gives you the option to change your apparent IP address at a whim, without requiring you to reconnect. If you'd like, we can also randomize your IP based on your traffic's destination (i.e., each site sees a different IP), or for advanced users, we can give you a different IP for every connection you open.

All of this happens transparently and without breaking any existing connections. For even better anonymity, we can optionally redirect all of your web traffic through our privacy proxy that scrubs tracking information and/or the Tor network.