While our mission is to provide you with the best possible VPN experience, our focus is on user privacy. Unlike most VPN providers, we take your privacy seriously.

Professional Privacy

We feel that inherent anonymity is one of the things that makes the Internet great and see a troubling trend in service providers, governments and other companies trying to erode this basic right.

As a United States company, we are not bound by any data retention requirements and do not keep any information about your data traffic or usage.

Professional Privacy
Great Features

Great Features

VPNme is built from the ground up to provide a rock-solid, secure tunnel to the unfiltered Internet. We offer a plethora of protocols and never oversubscribe our capacity.

Every VPN plan comes standard with a configurable built-in firewall, dynamic IP address translation, configurable privacy-enhanced HTTP proxying and more.

Serious Anonymity

Our VPN tunnels come set up for dynamic translation to thousands of different IP addresses. This gives you the option to change your apparent IP address at a whim, without requiring you to reconnect.

Serous Anonymity

VPN service that keeps getting better

  • Bypass website blocks and filters
  • No restrictions, no logging, no worries
  • Use with any computer, phone, tablet
  • Ad blocking and other amazing features

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Why Use a VPN?

Unfortunately, today's Internet isn't always a friendly place. Wi-Fi hijacking, identity theft at hotspots and invasive monitoring are commonplace.

With the recent launch of the Copyright Alert System (aka "Six Strikes"), the revelations about NSA attacks on Internet privacy, the death of Net Neutrality and the continued surge of criminal identity theft, the time has never been better to get protected with a quality VPN.

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